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AS Global Solution is an IT Training that was founded in Hyderabad, the capital of India’s software industry. They provide software courses that are well-rounded and high-quality.

About our Company

We provide a guarantee at AS Global Solution that coaching is given by experts with relevant experience and knowledge, who have spent over a decade in their field. Our company is composed of highly skilled and dedicated people, giving 100% to our students’ successful future. We offer placement help to our students. Thousands of job seekers have been placed in numerous IT companies in India, thanks to AS Global Solution Talent meets opportunity here!

Overview of of Training


At AS Global Solution, we are immovably dedicated to keeping customer’s prosperity the number 1 need. We have devoted ourselves to giving administrations to organizations.


As the fastest growing administration consulting and innovation administrations, we enable customers to end up elite organizations by conveying advancement.


We mean to give quality experienced IT and Clinical Staffing, and additionally the individuals who have rarer aptitudes.


We apply an imaginative way to deal with directing business by putting staff at the focal point everything being equal.

Our emphasizes are:

  • Our business exists to serve customers, not vice versa
  • Our customers are people, not faceless entities .
  • Our business exists to serve customers, not vice versa .
  • Our customers are people, not faceless entities.
  • We constantly measure and improve our standards and strive for innovation.
  • We exercise highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance .
  • Our instinct for basic fairness underpins all our activities and decision-making .
  • We firmly believe that only by adhering to these principles will we prosper and play a meaningful role in our chosen line of business.

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Our mission is to provide innovative software solutions for excellence and enterprise compliance.